Monday, August 29, 2011



Every frienship begins SMALL

Two smiles meet and hold somehow

But as Each dai passes by,

Amidst coffee or tea

Shared secrets and Phone callzz

Diinnerz and Partiezz

A Love so Strong

Growz Large enough

To last into Eternity



Saturday, August 27, 2011


3mbrace fashion 2011 =D

Umbrella dress..... 


thoughts of you part 2

…………..You called me on a Friday while I was still expecting you and you said you couldn’t make it. You gave me reasons and I tried to be understanding but deep down I was really disappointed. The following weekend, you told me not to come over cuz you had too much work to do and that you were going to be working late for the next couple of days. Again I was understanding about it but it didn’t stop the fact that I was disappointed. The next weekend it was once again your turn to come over but still, you gave me yet another excuse. This time you said you had a forum in Texas and you wouldn’t be back till Thursday “ok I’ll see you next weekend” I blurted. I hung up and once again I was disappointed. I hadn’t seen you in three weeks. The next weekend, it was my turn to come over and you called at the last minute to cancel; this time you said you had been picked along side some staff to accompany your boss to Montana for a project. I sighed “I’m sorry love” you said “I promise I’m gon’ make it up to you”. But at that point I felt I had had enough. I was to angry to say a word. So I hung up and promised not to call you.  I carried on with this for two weeks and to my surprise, you didn’t call me either. “I’m sure he knows I’m mad at him and he’s probably giving me some time to cool off but two weeks wow! That a lot of time” I thought to myself one morning while I was making breakfast.
    With that thought in my head, I picked up my phone and decided to call. Unfortunately your number was switched off (and that had never happened). I tried several times but it was the same story. I started to get a tingly feeling and ideas began to roll into my head “ what if you had been in an accident?; what if you were with someone else?; what if you were cheating? What if you were in some kinda trouble?” I started to believe I had taken things a bit too far by not calling. The question was How was I going to get in touch with you?  Should I call the phone service or something or get someone to check up on you? Oh shucks!! I totli forgot I don’t have any friends in Colorado.  And then suddenly I had an idea, What the hell? I mean what was I thinking calling the phone service and all!. The hell I was driving to Colorado!!!. I rushed upstairs and packed a few things  I searched the drawers and found a small map I could use just incase I got lost. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I guess the love I had for you explained it all. I locked up the house and told the neighbors I was gon’ be away for a few days just incase a mail came in for me.
             At 3:05pm I was on my way to Denver, Colorado. A few hours later, I stopped by a filing station to get some fuel. There was a motel about 10 blocks away. I decided I was gon’ rest there for the night. A little over an hour later, I had checked in and settled down. T’was time to take a bath; I dipped my feet into the water and I couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh; the water was refreshing. When I was done taking a bath I tried your number again but it kept reading “No Network Coverage”. Finally I gave up and decided to get some sleep. I had a long drive the next day.
Early the next morning, I was on the road again I had gone past Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas respectively. It was 3:30pm and the next 30mins would make it exactly 10hrs I’d have been driving. I was bored to death and my arms hurt. But  I used the fact that I was in love with you to console myself and that kept me going.  On Saturday, which was precisely the third day I had been driving, At 5:15pm, I was in Denver, Colorado as I approached your house, I couldn’t help but notice that your car was really dusty. That was certainly awkward cuz it meant that the car hadn’t been moved in a while. I packed my car by the road side and took my bag with me. I didn’t bother taking the rest of my bags. I was sooo excited I couldn’t wait to surprise you. I searched my bags for the keys to your house oh shucks!!! I just realised I didn't remember to take them i pressed the door bell a couple of times. I straightened myself i couldnt wait to see your face............ TO BE CONTINUED ! =D hope your enjoying the write- up……  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

F@BOL0U$I+Y: Pride comes before a fall!

F@BOL0U$I+Y: Pride comes before a fall!: " My Modeling career had just taking a new turn. I was earning all the cash you can possibly imagine, flying first class, eating cav..."

Pride comes before a fall!

          My Modeling career had just taking a new turn. I was earning all the cash you can possibly imagine, flying first class, eating caviars, going ski diving and all that............ my life was at its peak.  I was feeling on top of the world because I had become such a star. One day, I felt like spending some money so I decided to take a break. Next stop- Hotel Majorca Residencia; I took Blu my pet Chihuahua along with me to celebrate my success. 
       The press had been photographing me all week, and I felt I was on the crest of a wave that would transform my modeling over the next few years. I could take on the world *evil grin*. We arrived at the hotel and I got checked in. After putting my things in order, I decided to go and relax by the pool. I took Blu with me and left the room. "what a fantastic way to spend the afternoon" I said to myself.
        I was lying by the pool sipping a Martini and reading all the press cuttings about my new stardom and at the same time trying not to let everything get into my head (but honestly that wasn't working); when a young couple came up to me. They coughed nervously to get my attention.
"excuse me" they said, professing a camera, "would you mind? we'd love a photograph"
I smiled at them.
"1 minute here and they already want snapshots of me who said stardom wasn't a bliss" I thought to myself
"oh certainly" I replied my voice filled with utmost pride.
Standing up and grinning I preened myself and flipped my hair backwards "where do you want to take it" I asked "just here would be nice" they said
I stood with my back to the pool and gave the best model pose I could possibly imagine "this is going to be so hot" I thought. I already started imagining it on the front cover of a magazine and the amount of press cuts  I would see on the papers; when suddenly, to my surprise, I noticed they were looking confused. They whispered to themselves. Instead of pointing the camera at me, I realized they were holding it towards me.
"sorry" the husband said "but we were hoping that you would take our photograph". "I'm Paul and this is my wife, Denise what's your name? ~_^!    

F@BOL0U$I+Y: Thoughts Of You........

F@BOL0U$I+Y: Thoughts Of You........: " I lay on my bed and watched the stars............... I remember when we used to do this together. how you'll hold my hand and rub i..."


Thoughts Of You........

        I lay on my bed and watched the stars............... I remember when we used to do this together.
how you'll hold my hand and rub it against your cheek; you made me feel really special 
we would fall asleep doing that and then the next morning we'd be in such a hurry because we'd forget we had work. When we get back we'll have dinner at the Centro Vinotica restaurant at 7th Avenue, South NYC. I loved the way you stared at me when we were at dinner, it made me shy. 
          We had been dating for 4 years and I wondered when you were going to propose to me. I didn't want to push it so I decided not to say anything about it. "we'll have a family someday love" you'll always say but someday seemed like forever.......
I introduced you to my parents and we had dinner and lunch dates a few times you even went golfing with Dad. Mum began to ask me "sweets when is David gonna make the announcement?"
"what announcement?" I'd say pretending like I didn't know what she was talking about. She'd scowl at me but drop it.
        Another year went by and still, you hadn't proposed. One day, precisely July 19th, 2009, you brought home some bad news. You were moving to Denver, Colorado. It was miles away from New York. That night we didn't go out for dinner rather we argued and I slammed the door in your face. That night you slept on the couch and I cried through the night. The next morning, I left early for work while you were still asleep because I didn't want to talk about what happened the night before.
At work, I couldn't concentrate. I closed from work early because I was exhausted. When I got home, I parked the car on the driveway. As I locked the car, I searched my bag for my keys. I looked up and there you were standing in front of me holding a bouquet of the most beautiful roses I had ever seen. I smiled and ran into your arms to hug you. Tears streamed down my cheeks.
         That night we sat down and talked about your promotion, you seemed really excited about it and I knew it would be selfish of me to ask you not to take the offer. So we decided on how we'd be keeping in touch. The agreement was perfect. We were both going to take turns to come around during the weekends. Finally you let me in on the worst part of the promotion..... you were leaving in two weeks. I was heartbroken but I decided we were going to work it out. From time to time, I helped you put your things together; although in my heart I wished you weren't leaving. I cheered myself up with the fact that I was going to be seeing you at weekends.
        Time passed, 2 weeks went by and finally it was time for you to go. I dragged your luggage to the booth and slammed it shut. As I looked into your tear-filled eyes, I knew we were thinking about the same thing "I'll miss you".
        I kissed you like never before and you held me so tight in your arms. Before you left, you whispered the words "I love you" in my ears; but "I love you more" I thought to myself. You got into your car and waved good-bye. I watched as you pulled out of the driveway and disappeared into the distance. I was sad. Through out the week, we talked on the phone, through Facebook, Skype, e.t.c. By the 1st weekend, I was off to Denver, Colorado to see you. I screamed and ran into your arms the moment I saw you . I  was sooo excited. The weekend as I planned was a blast!!. You took me to this really nice restaurant for dinner, we had ice-cream, went shopping, took pictures, went on a boat ride.... and the list goes on.
Finally the weekend was over I had to go back to New York 'cause of work.
          The next weekend you came over, we had fun in New York as always, we went to see a movie and did all sorts. the weekend was over and you also had to go back to Colorado 'cause of work. We carried on with our weekend tradition for about 2-3 months and then finally one day,..................................... TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

F@BOL0U$I+Y: think of a title for me =)

F@BOL0U$I+Y: think of a title for me =): " I stood on the porch and watched him drive away 'yes' I said under my breath it was time. I threw off my pj's and grabbed my ..."......

Hey Guys this is my new blog try and post comments on it ok love you all xx

think of a title for me =)

             I stood on the porch and watched him drive away "yes" I said under my breath it was time.
 I threw off my pj's and grabbed my towel to take a shower. It was 11:15pm and I had a party by 12:00am.  I had to hurry; Manny was coming to get me in a bit; oh yea i almost forgot Manny is my boyfriend, we've been dating for about 5 months now but honestly I can bet a thousand bucks that I'll dump him very soon and yeah I always dump every guy i date =) *evil grin* anyway I got outta the shower and hurried to dress up. I was still struggling to get my new prada shorts on when I heard the car horn. KMT!! Manny was here. I forcefully pulled the shorts on and tried to get my make up on in time. 
            By 12:05am, I was done and I and Manny were on our way. It was horrible seating next to him in the car; he kept playing this really lousy music and he smelt really funny "maybe I'll dump him this night" I thought  or on second thought "I'll dump him after he drops me off at home so I dont get to ride the bus home" =) we got to the party and I hurried to get out of the car. In a funny but at-the-same-time daft way, I did not want my friends to see me with Manny most especially cause he smelt awful (like he just got out of a fish tank) *yuck!* but what a lousy thought because before I could take another step my at-that-moment-pathetic-boyfriend shouted "wait up BILKISU" oh myyy God! I hated that name and the lousy accent he used when he was calling me he sounded like he was singing a high-pitched note. By the way did I mention tha fact that  I'm Nigerian; yep! thats why I have that name, moved to the states some time ago ok to be precise about 15yrs ago when dad got transferred and when it was time for me to start school my mum was soo ashamed of my name; she told my teachers my name was "billy" #AWKWARD cuz billy is totally a guys name. I remember my teacher staring at my mum with a confused look as she repeated the name "billy?' "yes billy!" my mum replied with her "naija accent" i remember being so embarassed. anyway back to the party.................................. TO BE CONTINUED