Tuesday, October 30, 2012


      Before I start, I’ll like to give thanks to the Almighty God for blessing me with wisdom and knowledge to write this. I give Him all the glory.
       Also ill like to say, this is based strictly on my opinion. If you think otherwise, its fine :) we’re all entitled to our opinions.
       Every girl wants to date a rich/ wealthy guy. For some he doesn’t necessarily have to be good looking or attractive, the fact that he is rich compensates all that. As long as he can get them everything they want from Louboutins, to iPhones, iPads, Blackberry’s, and our various types of hair (Brazilian, Peruvian, and Cambodian etc.)
         But the BIG QUESTION is… What do you have to do to actually date these type of guys? I’ll give you a few tips shortly.
         There’s a general opinion about rich/ wealthy guys; which is the fact that they’re often proud, ill-mannered, disrespectful/ rude, cocky, and let’s not forget the fact that they might look down on others and some tend to disrespect girls especially because they feel every girl wants to be around them because of their money. And we can’t exactly blame them because they have the money to take you around the world, buy you the finest things and get you to dine at the finest restaurants where you’ll probably get to eat an amazing meal buy one of our finest chefs e.g. @Chef_Fregz
       Now my answers to the BIG QUESTION are 6 (six) easy tips, which are quite straight forward and simple :)…….. You want to date a rich/ wealthy guy? Cool! :) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
   First of all select your crowd! :) Do you want a “Christian-kinda-wealthy guy,” a “Muslim-kinda-wealthy guy,” a “playboy-kinda-wealthy guy,”  a “business man-(atheist)- kinda-wealthy guy,” a “ritual killer-kinda-wealthy guy” etc. The list goes on……
      The next thing is to put a stop to all your bad habits. Most girls are in the habit of collecting things from guys. Personally I think it’s a bad habit. If he’s your boyfriend then its fine (but don’t use that as an excuse to run him dry). But collecting things randomly from a guy you’re not dating like money… clothes ‘n’ stuff…. Nahhh r u broke or naked?? PLEASE STOP COLLECTING THINGS FROM GUYS. In my opinion that's the easiest way for disrespect to set in.
       Another tip is to build up yourself and your finances. Build yourself till you get to a respectable class. Mingle with their crowd. Try and make friends with a few of them that way u can exchange numbers or pins :). Work on building your income level. Dress in a decent but attractive way (not sluttish) that way even if you’re walking, they slow down their cars just to get a good look at you or admire you. :) Respect yourself and NEVER (OR STOP: if you’ve started) throw yourself at them.
    If you’re at an event or occasion, and you find yourself in their midst/ company, Talk smart! Don’t be a bimbo because you think it’s funny, cool or sexy. If you have nothing to say or contribute, be quiet rather than blab. Guys don’t like dumb or stupid girls.
      Don’t make yourself too available. You shouldn’t be updating your PM’s (if you have them on BB) with Lagos Fashion week, Aura, Q-Lounge, #JABULANI 2012, Likwid, Elite Fashion Show, Deuces, Palms, GET ARENA, Oriental, Elegushi etc. every 5mins. Pick the kind of events you go for. Deliberately slash some events of your list; not because you don’t want to go but just because….. In short make yourself invisible. See but don’t be seen. Let them look for you; so you stop “wanting” them rather they “want” you! :) Guys really don’t like girls that are all over the place.
     Finally you might read this and say “I’m not even pretty or beautiful :( how can I get one of these guys to notice me?” Well if you have the right character and the right clothes, I think you’re good to go. For some others you’ll need to work on your closet, others just need to spark it up a lil’ bit and for others a serious construction of their attitude. But… but…. But as I said earlier, select your crowd… I’ll like to set something straight here; these tips might not be applicable to all crowds of “wealthy guys”. You might still need your “Woman instinct” lol in getting them.
       In conclusion, ALWAYS PUT GOD FIRST! :) With my opinion stated, I hope I’ve been able to portray the fact that any girl can date a rich or wealthy guy!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Xoxo…………. Tiny