Wednesday, November 21, 2012


/Haterz gon’ hate/
/Keep your life straight/
/Make no mistake/
/They gon’ use u like bait/
/Never had a break from all the haterz in the game/
/But I ain’t worried… I’m already great/
 LOL!!!! I just formed these rap lines with my brother :) #FunnyStuff!!
      Haters… haters… and even more haters. You’re surrounded by them. They could be your relatives, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, even a close friend. They smile with you and play with you doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They’re always there lurking around waiting for something nasty to happen to you. More like inglorious bastards if you ask me. And their soo good at pretending it might be a lil’ hard to fish them out of the crowd. They’ll mess with things that are important to you and act innocent e.g. you have an extremely important contract to carry out and your friend goes to the board behind your back to talk about a “not-so-impressive-thing” you did a year back and next thing you’re asked to drop out then they’ll come ‘n’ sympathize with you like they had nothing to do with it *sigh*
      It isn’t everyone that smiles with you that is your friend neither are they happy when things are going well for you. “But I’m nice to everyone at work” You argue… That’s beside the point… You can’t please everybody. There will be people who will hate you for your beauty, principles, religion, class, wealth, fashion sense, your “swag” lol and there are those who will hate you for no just cause. If you think people don’t hate you please check again! But most importantly you need to learn to ignore them when they do nasty things to you.
     We live in a world full of hate, evil and greed. And it’s so sad the length people will go to make you unhappy for example, You introduce your friend to “that amazing guy” you just met. You talk about him every day n fill her in with gist of what you n “the amazing guy” did today ‘n’ stuff; then a few weeks later you n d guy start having problems… he ends things with a text saying “I can’t do this anymore I found someone else” And apparently that someone else is your “supposed best friend/ close friend” *sigh* You find out shortly that she had been seeing him all along behind your back… *tears*.
     People won’t always sincerely celebrate with you every time something good happens in your life; sometimes they come around to actually see what they can mess up. You need to be really observant for you to tell a true friend from a fake one. The sad part is sometimes other people see that “this person” isn’t good for you! But you’re too strong headed to listen you make up excuses like “we’ve been friends for too long” or “she’s my cousin now” or “He said he loves me” or “she promised she’ll never cheat”.  Point is this people don’t care about you. And they’ll mess you up slowly in the most painful way. Imagine a friend who poisons your tea and is patting your back or rubbing your tummy as you’re slowly dying in pain X_X.       
       Life could be harsh and miserable and it might feel worse when you don’t have friends but they say the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know. So you might look around you and you feel like you don’t have any friends but at least you know that they’re fake so why bother? 

     Be careful who you call your friend, who you trust, who you introduce to your family and most especially who you tell your secrets!! You might not believe it but the fact is not everyone loves you genuinely. People say haters are people who actually admire you but because they can’t be like you they hate you. Truth is they will always say thrash about you, some might block you on twitter, unfriend you on Facebook, or even tweet thrash to you that they can’t say to your face. Personally I don’t even have the energy to waste on them. Some will flirt with your girlfriend and come and form “Guy how far?” or “chairman!” LOL! If you hate me, don’t pretend! Don’t act cool and backbite or gossip about me (Dey your lane o!).
      My advice is this… Live your life like its golden, Have all the fun you want, be yourself, Dine at the best places, go for the events you wanna go for, Party like a rock star, dress how you want (decently please) and most of all Pay them no attention. But as e dey go…. Haterz gon’ hate!! LOL

Xoxo………….. Tiny :)

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  1. be nice and courteous to people and you're tagged "proud"... try to look good and you're tagged "vain"... decide not to speak pidgin ( cos you suck at it) and you're tagged "forming"... Honestly, NO ONE can satisfy the world. you just have to not give a f*** about its opinion. the only opinion that's important is that of the "Guy upstairs" and yours.
    The "haters don't really hate you..." picture got me thinking.
    i chose to believe that people hating on you is a good thing. Everyone liking you, #beware!!!
    crux of the matter is, be happy. strive to make yourself happy first!!! trying to satisfy and make 'them haters' like you would only end up with you being miserable. the saying "keep your friends close but you're enemies closer" wasn't just made by one random illiterate nigga... friends will hurt you bad, reason being, one never really expects harm from those whom we call friends.
    The moral of the story? "for those who call friends, caution! caution!! caution!!! .

    P.s: terribly sorry for the short comment, splitting headache... eagerly awaiting your next post. the topic already piques my interest. kudos to you once again for an interesting post.