Friday, November 2, 2012


        Once again I give glory to the Almighty God, my one and only provider, all glory belongs to him for the commencement and completion of this post. Enjoy!
        And as I always add, this is based on my opinion, if you think otherwise, its fine! :) We’re all entitled to our opinions.
Boys… boys… boys!!... Men… men… men!
A boy is a male child or a young person
An adult male human being
         WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BOY AND A MAN...? The answer is simple… MATURITY. The level of maturity a guy has attained will determine if he still thinks like a boy or if he thinks like a man. These days you see 30-something year old men dressing and talking like boys. Drawing horrible tattoos on their bodies and forming guy. They jump from one party and club to another and by the time they get back home, they wrap a blunt and get busy on their systems like there’s no tomorrow. Is this life? On the Island, whenever I go out I LMAO at the things I see some guys doing! To be honest majority of the guys I see around me are all fake. They’re all tryna form an accent n be like “nigga, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout, nigga!” 0_o or “why the fuck did this mofo park his fucking car here nigga” 0_o?
       A couple o’ months back I was home with my brothers when some friends walked in (all in their early 30’s).  And my brothers having schooled abroad all their lives, both have an accent… Next thing I know these guys are all trying so hard to talk with an accent… and I’m sitting there thinking “why on earth are these guys doing this?? It’s so fake and moreover aren’t you all friends? 0_o? Why the heck are you now forming??” *shrug*. But I gotta ask though “what is really going on in the world today?” Cuz I’m either clueless or left behind. I mean some even go as far as having funny ass nicknames like “Damola-Ferrari”, “Femi-Lamborghini”, “Lagbaja-wear-it-all” *DIES* Seriously though???  0_o? I often think about the kinda girls these guys would marry (if they do). It’s so weird my friend tweeted something a few weeks back and said “In the next 30years, we’ll have a lot of 50-70 year old men walking around with tattoos”!!! As hysterical as it sounds, it’s a fact!
         My problem with most guys these days, is the fact that they’re always tryna prove something they are not or something they don’t even have. Just be real. How do you want people to respect you when you don’t even respect yourself?? X_x. You’re 30 years & above and you’re still counting bottles of champagne when your mates are counting assets? OK! Please there’s more to life than wearing heavy chains, baggy shorts and popping champagne. I believe there’s time for everything. All these guys need a reality check. You want to have fun? Fine! Just please have fun like men and not boys. All in the name o’ swag you end up acting in the most ridiculous way.
     The irony of it is; most of these guys are looking for a “decent” (emphasis on decent) girl to take home to “mummy”. But in my opinion, I don’t think there’s any “decent” girl that’ll wanna date a guy like that except she’s schizophrenic or jazzed. For example, you walk into the cinema e.g. Palms and you can’t tell the difference between a 17year old boy and a 30-40year old guy why? Cuz they all have chains on, baggy shorts and pitch black dyed hair (pukes) Personally I think the “act” of dying your hair black is razz… yes razz (Sorry If this offends you).
    I’m gonna stop here before I have some guys come and beat me up LOL! Finally I’ll like to say that there’s no harm in forming guy or swag but just have the right swag at the right age! Don’t be a 30-something year old man and have the swag of a 17 year old boy. Upgrade you swag as you get older and you’re good to go!! :)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Xoxo……… Tiny :)


  1. this your article pain sha... buh lets call a spade a spade... we guys dey *#$% up... respect is reciprocal.. if we cant respect ourselves as adult men, no ones going to... i love that you pointed out that we males love to take home decent girls to our mama's, but i never considered it from the female's point of view... True talk, 3 decades or more from now, most grandpa's would be "tatted-up"... ( not a pleasant sight)... Maturity is the key word like you said, and i think that even if this is just your point of view, you got it right... kudos

  2. LOL!!! Thank you soo much im grateful :) but dont worry its not only guys that are guilty! Im gonna post one soon abt women! :) i hope you enjoy that one too. Thanx once again and God Bless XOXO :)

  3. Saddening reality. The idea, though, is more far-reaching than many see.

    Instead of fighting our insecurities, we seek an escape from reality. Scientists keep hoping for life on Mars - instead of fixing the earth. Africans keep trooping abroad - instead of the obvious.

    Those "kids" you mention will someday look back and see the truth. They lived other peoples' lives when they could have invested much less time to fix the defects they saw in theirs.

    Nice post!

  4. Wow!!! Stunning Comment Imisi!! i totli agree wit u on this one!! Thanx for taking time to read and comment God Bless Xx