Wednesday, November 21, 2012


      As always, I give thanks to The Almighty God for blessing me with wisdom to write this article. All glory belongs to Him. This article is based on my opinion, if you think otherwise, its fine! :) We’re all entitled to our opinions. Also I’ll like to sincerely apologize to anyone this article might offend. God Bless
   Girls…. Girls…. Girls…. Women….. Women… Women….. Hnmmm
A girl is a female child (The Oxford English Dictionary 6th Edition states that it can be a way of insulting an elderly lady when she acts immature e.g. “Sorry love, you’re still a girl” or “I don’t date girls”) Perhaps! He’s telling you you’re quite immature.
An adult female human being.
I’m gonna emphasize on two words here “child” & “adult”. Now according to The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 6th Edition; the world child and adult are defined as
CHILD /tʃaɪld /noun
    A young human being who is not yet an adult or mature.
ADULT /ˈædʌlt / noun, adjective
     A “fully grown” person who is legally responsible for their actions.
          WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GIRL AND A WOMAN? The answer is simple… MATURITY. The level of maturity a lady has attained will determine if she still thinks like a girl or she thinks like a woman. Just the same way we have guys/ men still acting like boys, we also have women who still act like girls. And when it comes to the way we dress I think about 85% of us are guilty. It isn’t common to see women acting like kids/ girls and my reason is cuz at a tender age you see little girls already trying to use lip sticks, paint their nails or mess around with mummy’s make- up so they can look all grown up. It has been said so many times that girls mature faster than boys. This might be true but our way of dressing and looks will forever betray us. It’s also no argument that girls have more variety with clothes than guys do; but the problem is, some girls have no fashion sense or some do, but they have a problem with covering their bodies and dressing decent.
     Because you want to look sexy doesn’t mean you should leave your house naked. There are decent shorts above your knee that you can still rock and look nice in :) it doesn’t have to be directly below your bum (in other words you MUST NOT bend down). In some cases, we can vividly see your bum crack… (That’s just wrong on so many levels). Or is it the fact that some girls deliberately leave the house without their bras *tears* (PLEASE WE’RE NOT INTERESTED……*fill in the blank*……) You’re selling yourself short when you do things like this and you start to complain that the kinda guys that approach you look like junkies, touts, play boys etc. Well lemme burst your bubble its cuz you look like a stripper n that’s what they fancy! Today we have quite a number of ladies in Lagos walking around nearly naked all in the name of “I must look sexy”. And they complain that guys talk to them anyhow. In my opinion, you put yourself on the “cheap-seat”.
     You don’t have to stress your sexiness, it comes naturally to you as a woman :) when you start trying too hard, you send all the wrong signals! PLEASE LADIES, DRESS APPROPRIATELY!! There are decent ways to dress and still have a touch of “sexiness” :) God Bless

P.S I added a few pictures so it won't be to hard for you to imagine :)


  1. i patiently waited for the sequel of "when men act like boys" and at a point was afraid and thought you had forgotten...thanks for quelling my fear.
    Once again, your on track with your opinion. over and over we've been told that the way you dress is the way you're addressed. Truth be told, if a female steps into public with her butt crack taking a peep at the sky and her cleavage screaming at everyone's face, she would NEVER have a decent/reasonable male approach her.
    its not rocket science, its just the ugly truth. i think the trick is, dress as if your fiance is taking you to go see his parents, that way you'd dress your finest, reveal the appropriate amount of cleavage(if at all you're brave enough to) and rock a skirt with the right slit length.(that way you make his father proud to have a boy that picked an appealing woman, and the mother happy that her boy has picked a responsible woman).
    i read this sometime ago and it stuck, it goes, "let your dress be tight enough to show that you're a woman, but also must be loose enough to show that you're a lady". i sincerely hope this quote is given a second thought once read.
    i love that you put those pictures to illustrate your point. kudos to you. looking forward for the next publication. more ink to your pen.

  2. AWWW Thnak you soo much dear :) I really do appreciate the fact that you take time out to read and comment on my blog. May God Bless you richly :) i love the quote you put about "let your dress me tight enough....." #AmazingTruth LOL! Thanx once agin n God Bless Xx

  3. *Hahaha* The pictures almost drove the point past home!

    Being sexy comes naturally to a woman; doesn't have to be stressed. Love your stance on this - particularly as it's coming from a female.

    Good post!