Thursday, November 1, 2012


      Before I start, I’ll like to give thanks to My Almighty God for blessing me with the wisdom to develop this post. I give Him all the glory.
       As I stated in my previous blogs, this is based on my opinion. If you think otherwise, its fine, we’re all entitled to our opinions.
       Why do girls front?..... That’s the question almost every guy wants an answer to! You see a good-looking girl and decide to chat her up. You tap her and prepare to say hi. But by the time she turns around to look at you, her face is all scrunched up like someone just stole her lunch! And you’re standing there wondering “Weren’t you the one laughing hysterically before I got here”.
      A typical conversation between a “fronting girl” and her “supposed-admirer” might happen this way
Guy: “Hey, I know u don’t know me, my name’s Lanre... I was sitting at that table (points at table) and I couldn’t help but come over to say hi… and I must say you’re really pretty”
“Fronting” Girl: (weird face) *blurts*…. Thanks
Guy: (Nervous) ummm so what’s your name?
“Fronting” Girl: *RHE* (Rolls Her Eyes) Iyabo…
Guy: *thinks to himself* (iyabo ke?? See as her name be sef.. She kon dey front. Abeg make I end am comot...) Ok I’ll see you around
“Fronting” Girl: I don’t think so…
           Well in my opinion, girls front for different reasons personal to them. But the generally perceived reason is simply because the girl doesn’t want to look “easy”. Some people translate “Easy” as being cheap (all join). But seriously why would a girl front? Guys ask “how hard can it be to act nice to a fellow dude?” Personally I feel there’s an advantage and disadvantage of fronting. One MAJOR disadvantage is the fact that you could get so rude all in the name of “fronting” and end up losing a nice guy. And an advantage is you could rid yourself of being stuck for an hour or more talking to a completely retarded dude. But these days, some girls take fronting a little too far.
        Personally, I’m not against fronting. But my question is… Is it really necessary? A guy walks up to you; he might not necessarily be good-looking but he speaks well and he’s pretty decent and by the way his cologne is off the hook!! Will you front? You might argue that the fact that he’s well dressed and all wouldn’t necessarily mean he’ll have the right lyrics… (I agree). But what will your response be? To front or not to front? But before I go on, I’ll like to ask.
(i) Is it when you like a guy but you pretend you don’t?
(ii) Is it being really harsh to a guy while he’s “chyking” you because you feel that’s the only way       he’ll respect you?
(iii) Is it deliberately and consciously not replying his texts or calls?
(iv) Is it a method girls use to get rid of retarded guys?
(v) Is it a way of proving you’re hardcore?
(vi) Is it being rude to a guy you just met when he complements you because you feel he’s being too forward?
(vii) Or, it’s simply something you do when you’re not in the mood?
        I’ll like to say I’m not against fronting, but at the same time I don’t quite believe in it!. If you like a guy, like him… don’t beat around the bush ‘n’ claim you’re fronting. Then when he’s gone, you’ll start to regret. Trust me fronting isn’t bad. It’s just that some ladies overdo it. Yea you wanna front! Go right ahead! Just don’t overdo it. You don’t have to be rude and harsh before a guy would respect you. Respect yourself and he has no choice but to respect you. If he walks up to you and complements you; say thank you politely, chat if you feel like it or simply dismiss him politely and carry on with your work. If he starts to ask for your # or pin, you can politely say “I’m sorry, I don’t give my # or pin to strangers, thanks anyway”. If you want to give him your pin or # its fine but remember it’s not always the best and safest thing to do! Why? You ask… well it’s simply because you don’t know him well enough and you’re quite clueless about what exactly he wants from you. Although, if he’s a friend of a friend then its fine. Who knows he could even be your future husband ;)
      My Point simply is Front if you want to front BUT never overdo it!
                                                                                                                               Xoxo………… Tiny


  1. Way I see it... There's no reason to front at all.

    I get the angle of 'easy', but the truth is guys get more 'aggressive' towards a girl who 'fronts' not easy and ends up 'showing' easy...
    We also read body language, words and actions.

    About collecting pin. I see the flow to be 'Number 1st before pin'. Your BB pin enables someone who has it a closer link/channel to get to you as opposed to a call you can decide not to pick.
    Or text not to read.
    Number > pin > etc

    So guys, ask for number, call and text first. Girls, release number and reply texts. If you don't want to (think you don't want to do), politely say no (saying I don't give my number to strangers isn't polite in my opinion.. Who does).... Find another reason or/and better tell the guy you can't give him because of so so and so.

  2. Hilariously true n educative!slasha

  3. LOL!!! Thanx slasha :)Hope ur much better now! God Bless

  4. And @Anonymous! i totli understand thanx for checking it out and posting a comment God Bless and hope you enjoyed it :)

  5. Nice!!! Loved the Iyabo part LOL. :D

  6. LOL!! @Anonymous #2 im glad u enjoyed it ive got five more to post i hope you enjoy them too! God Bless Xx

  7. Coming from a guy if a girl is 'frontin' you're more likely to push him away cos one he thinks you're just on playing games (even though you may not be)and you aint being true two playing hard to get i personally like but some guys give up and don't enjoy the challenge.

    But I would rather a girl tell me from the start that she isn't interested rather than give me her no. & not respond to my messages making me find out the hard way. At least that way i know i wont be wasting mine or her time.

    Seems sad lol but I'm use to rejection so its not a big deal for me but because of it i know when a girl is genuinely interested or not.

    'Nothing ventured, nothing gained' :D

  8. LOL! @Anonymous #3, Please don't get use to rejection! It's not for anyone. You should never accept defeat from something you can repeat! :) Just take your time if your gonna date a girl and most importantly if you like the girl tell her and ask her if she feels the same way and if she is also ready to be committed. cuz a girl might like you doesn't mean she wants to date you. (Our minds are really twisted) LOL! But i wish you good luck in everything you do though! and 1 last thing God's Blessings alwaiz Xoxo :)

  9. i love that you just helped demystify the fronting dilemma for me( all boys inclusive)... i never really saw logic to fronting, when
    the girl obviously had feelings for the dude and supposing he walked off, she felt bad... i believe you got it right when you settled for " front but dont front too much"...
    sadly, that message wont be heeded by most girls.... i must say i'm really pleased with this article...
    patiently waiting for your next one...

  10. @Faustus Haha!!! i realized guyz wre a wee bit clueless when it gt to dt aspect and wayyy to many girls over do it! So i decided to give an answer to the boys n an advice to the girls LOL Im glad u enjoyed it. Thanx and God Bless more to come soon xoxo