Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Once again I give all thanks and glory to The Almighty God. Before I start this article I’ll like to sincerely apologize to anyone this article might offend. I mean no disrespect to those who are not Virgins! My message is mainly for Guys… Asking them to simply be patient and understanding. Thanks and God Bless.
Lauren said: I don’t get why Dave is so pushy! I’ve told him a thousand and one times that the conversation makes me uncomfortable! I’m not ready to lose my virginity so why wouldn’t he be patient?
Bimpe said: Losing my virginity is so scary…. I’ve heard it’s really painful, I don’t think I’m ready… I’m too nervous.
Kimberly said: I’m sick and tired of Tom forcing me to have sex with him when we’re making out. I’m just not ready.. I’ve told him I want us to take things slow and if things don’t change I might have to end it…
Lola said: Sex is really not my thing I’d rather wait till I meet the right guy or that special person.
Shanae said:  Paul is selfish…. That’s all I can say… he doesn’t respect my feeling and opinions. I want to do this when we’re both ready!
Nife said: I believe sex is something sacred! I’d rather wait till I’m married. It’s not something you do with just any guy. Even if he’s your boyfriend.
Guys would you be patient?
Are you ready to be understanding when you’re girlfriend says she’s not ready?
Are you ready to take things slow and move at the pace she wants?
Are you ready to stay in a “no-sex” relationship and not cheat?
Are you ready to practice celibacy to make your relationship work?
      I had a friend of mine tweet something a while back and she said “Virgins in 2012, I salute you” My reply to that “Thanks for the salute! I'm sure they can’t say it is easy LOL”. It’s funny how guys think virgins don’t exist anymore. But I’m sorry to burst your bubble they do exist!. These days guys would judge you on their “VIRGIN---OR---NOT-A-VIRGIN” Scale based on how you dress. If you have piercings, wear contacts, have tattoos, and dress sexy DANG!!! You’re not a virgin. That is so wrong! Cuz a girl dresses sexy n stuff doesn’t mean she’s not a virgin. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There are so many girls out there who are still virgins and they are hoping and praying they’ll meet “that amazing guy” who’d be patient with them.
     The fact that a girl is still is a virgin does not mean she lacks the opportunity to lose “it” neither is it a reason for you to insult her. Most people will say “ah you’re still a virgin! Ur dulling o!” or “you don’t know wassup”. Well if the girl decides to dull, let her be! Most importantly guys you need to be patient and understanding with your girlfriend if she’s a virgin, especially if she’s not ready. Don’t force or stress her on the issue. Most girls want “that moment” to be special and if that is ruined, the girl might end up living with the pain, hurt and regret all her life.
     It’s not nice to pressure your girlfriend if she decides to wait till she’s married. Learn to respect her decisions. Apparently I actually expect you guys to be happy if you have a girlfriend that is a virgin! At least you’ll be sure of 1 thing --------> she doesn’t sleep around LOL (I know some guys will disagree with this). If you’re going to “pop her cherry”, let it be a mutual agreement/ feeling. Something you’re both happy doing and MOST IMPORTANTLY, at the right TIME!! which is after Marriage. Not something she succumbed to cuz you’ve constantly bugged, stressed and forced her into it. It’s not fair! These days most guys put sex as a priority in their relationship. They say “I can’t date a virgin!” or “what am I supposed to do with a virgin” or “she’s a virgin I can’t deal”. What on earth happened to "Do Not Have Sex Before Marriage" sigh!. Please she’s a virgin doesn’t mean she’s not human. NEVER MAKE SEX A PRIORITY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP! It might ruin something “special” you could have had with that person!
   In some cases, the guy might even be ashamed to tell his friends that his girlfriend is a virgin cuz they’ll mock him or laugh at him and say stuff like “Na u dull yourself” But really why should you care what your friends think? If you really love her you shouldn’t be bothered!  If anything, you should be proud of her! Don’t disregard her feelings and values cuz of what your friends think. Rather make her feel special and loved. Guys….. please, would you make an effort? Cuz the Ladies are asking: I’M A VIRGIN…… WOULD YOU BE PATIENT? If I were you I’d say yes ;) God Bless


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  2. In all my 30 plus 1 years on this beautiful planet earth, I've only come across one virgin. Most girls lié avoir their sexual expérience to impress à guy, ànd end up been complète sec freaks. Can you date à guy that is a virgin?

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